4mm (16ss) Chaton Montee Glass - choose color & qty

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Pkg of 30 or Pkg of 180

Size: 3.8mm-4mm diameter

Materials: Brass and Glass

Type of Rhinestone: Pointed Back

This listing is for Chaton Montees which are pointed back rhinestones set into sew on settings with 4 holes; one on each side of the square. This is not a Rose Montee. Those are flat back rhinestones with a "channel" or cross shaped setting in the back. Please make sure you are selecting the correct type of rhinestone you need when purchasing.

This is our favorite size to use when working rhinestones into Chainmaille. These are also a fabulous size for seed bead work, soldering projects and other jewelry making mediums. Warning! Chainmaille items made in these sizes are extremely small. You should have good eye sight and use lighting and magnifying tools. 

How to mount a Chaton Montee Bead onto a Jump Ring