20g 3/32" AA Jump Rings MATTE (AWG) ID: 2.4mm - choose color & quantity

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Pkg of 100 or Pkg of appx. 350

Inner Diameter: 2.4mm Outer Diameter: 4mm

Thickness: .8mm is 21g SWG or 20g AWG

Aspect Ratio: 3

Anodized Aluminum Jump Rings do not tarnish.  The finish lasts a long time and will stand up to quite a bit of wear.  Aluminum is a very light weight but strong metal.

All jump rings come in dye lots.  Order everything that you need for a project at one time as we can not guarantee that the color will be exactly the same if you order more later.  

This is the smallest size AA jump ring that we carry.  The smaller a jump ring is, the more prone to breakage it can be.  If you are working with this size, you should be very experienced with opening and closing jump rings.  The more you bend the wire, the more likely you are to break a jump ring.  This size requires a sure hand.

*Matte Violet runs small.  This means the wire gauge is skinnier than normal.