Striped Seed Beads 6/0 - Large Stripe

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Pkg of 20 gms

Striped Czech Seed Beads with Large Stripes size 6/0.  The large striped beads have a more dominant stripe on them to make it more visible in your work.  These beads tend to make everything look either Tribal or Whimsical.  They are very hard to find and will not be resupplied once a color is sold out.

You can make any of these colors frosted that are not already treated.  I show this in the photo for the Clear with Large Green Stripe beads.    I use Armour Etch Bath to do this when I want to change the finish of my beads.

This type of Czech Bead tends to be somewhat non uniform in size.  Not all will fit onto jump rings and the lengths of the beads will vary some.