Square 16g 3/8" Jump Rings (SWG)

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Pkg of 50 Anodized Aluminum Square Wire Jump Rings

Inner Diameter: 10mm  Outer Diameter: 13.2mm

Thickness: 1.6 

AR: Aspect ratio is tricky with square wire jump rings.  If this jump ring was made of round wire, it would have an AR of 6.3.  This ring has an AR that is a bit lower.  My guess would be around 5.9 plus or minus .2

About color: All anodized aluminum jump rings come in dye lots.  Be sure to order everything you need for a project at the same time.  The most stable colors in square jump rings tend to be Silver, Black, Light Pink & Red but there are no guarantees that the color or this ring will match that in a different size.