Japanese Puffy Witch Hat Rhinestone Charm Kit

Japanese Puffy Witch Hat Rhinestone Charm Kit

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Show off your witchy side with this puffy 3D  rhinestone charm that can be used as a pendant, ornament or charm.  Made with sparkly rhinestones, this charm is sure to be noticed.  

Level: Advanced —You should already have completed a puffy rhinestone charm in a triangle form prior to attempting.  The brim of the hat makes the closure of this 3D form challenging.  This tutorial is made in some contrasting colors to make steps more visible.

Kit includes: (makes 1 charm)

Full color photo and written step by step instructions

Anodized aluminum jump rings

Rhinestone montee beads

You will need: 2 pairs of flat, chain, chisel and/or bent nose pliers.  I also recommend a pair of Xuron bent nose pliers PL450BN.  These are helpful when joining the sides of this project.