Metal Components - Santa Stuff & Reindeer

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Santa Charms (pkg of 4) - Size: about 23mm long, 17mm wide hole: 1.5mm

Santa Hat Charms (pkg of 6) - Size: 16mm x 10mm, Hole: 1.5mm

Wintertime Penguin Charms (pkg of 6) - Size: about 23mm long, 13mm wide hole: 1.5mm

Stocking Charms Silver (pkg of 6) - Size: tall 20mm x wide 10mm hole: 1.5mm

Reindeer Head Charms (pkg of 4) - Size: tall 24mm x wide 22mm hole: 1.5mm

Small Reindeer Charms (pkg of 6) - Size: tall 23mm x wide 17mm hole: 1.5mm

Large Reindeer Charm (pkg of 1) - Size: tall 60mm x wide 45mm hole: 1.5mm