Metal Components - Holiday Candy & Gingerbread

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Bezel Gingerbread Man Rose Gold (pkg of 4) - Size: about 38.5mm long, 29mm wide, 3mm thick, hole: 2mm.

Gingerbread Man Charms Silver (pkg of 4) - Size: 50mm x 26mm, Hole: 2mm

Bezel Candy Gold (pkg of 6) - Size: about 36.5mm long, 16mm wide, 3.5mm thick, hole: 2.5mm.

Candy Cane with Flower Charms Silver (pkg of 8) - Size: tall 25mm x wide 9mm x thick 2mm, hole: 2mm

Candy Cane Charms Silver (Pkg of 12) - Size: tall 28mm x wide 10mm x thick 3mm, hole: 2mm