Japanese Simple Rivoli & Rhinestone Earrings Kit

Japanese Simple Rivoli & Rhinestone Earrings Kit

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This is a great place to start if you've worked with the rhinestone montee beads in 4mm and are ready to try surrounding a rivoli for the first time.  Once the rhinestone montee beads are mounted onto jump rings, use basic chainmaille techniques to wrap Rivolis with rhinestones.  This is also a nice compliment kit to our Dionysus Descending Pendant kit which will show you how to do this same technique in multiple sizes.

Kit includes: Full color photo & written step by step instructions, anodized aluminum jump rings, glass Rhinestone Montee Beads, glass Rivolis & Ear Wires

You supply: 2 pairs of flat, chain, chisel and/or bent nose pliers

Level: Experienced Beginner- Items are very small and require good eye sight.  Use lighting and magnifying tools if necessary.  You should already know how to mount Rhinestone Montee Beads onto jump rings before attempting.