Half Persian EPDM Pumpkin Earrings Kit

Half Persian EPDM Pumpkin Earrings Kit

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These pumpkins are about 15mm in diameter and 7.25mm deep.  They are small but cute and weigh almost nothing.  I strongly recommend that you do our Half Persian Bracelet Kit prior to attempting as that shows you in 4 colors how to complete a Half Persian in a continuous circle.  This is more challenging due to being only 1 color.

Level: Intermediate - Persian weaves require you to pass through or around the eye of two rings that overlap.  The final closure of this weave creating a continuous pattern can be challenging.

Kit includes: (makes 1 pair of earrings)

Full color photo & written step by step instructions

Anodized Aluminum jump rings

EPDM rubber O-rings

Brass ear wires

You supply: 2 pairs of flat, chain, chisel and/or bent nose pliers appropriate for chain maille.