Captive 2 in 1 Chain Necklace Kit with Amethyst

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Necklace kit includes: Full color photo & written step by step instructions.  Jump rings, wire, druzy bead & lobster clasp.  Makes appx 20” Necklace.  Wire wrapping is required in this project.

You supply: 2 pairs of flat, chain, chisel and/or bent nose pliers.

For necklace you will also supply:  Sharpie pen, flat nose pliers, round nose pliers, wire cutters and crimp pliers.

Level: Intermediate—This is the micro version of this chain.  Small jump rings are shiny and can be challenging to see.  Tutorial is not shown with contrasting colored jump rings.  Jump ring sizes are very small   Beginning this chain is challenging but after that, this is one of the easiest weaves to create.