8.4mm Rubber O-Rings (ID: 6mm) - Black

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Pkg of 50 or Pkg of 300
Outer Diameter: 8.4mm Inner Diameter: 6mm Thick: 1.2mm AR: 5

Our EPDM rubber orings are custom made for us. This is a sample size that is only available in black.

For Chainmaille: Works most often with 18g 7/32" jump rings or as a replacement for them in closed ring form. This is ideal for creating chainmaille Helm and Celtic Weaves, European weaves,  Shenanigans and various Persian weaves. I also love to use this size folded over and pulled through such as in Foxtail or Foxy Byziness. The skinny orings can be folded around a smaller oring such as our 3mm or 5mm orings. While these are not as durable as some of the thicker orings, they allow you to get a lacy and open appearance in your work that is pleasing to the eye.  Also, this size is often used folded in half or doubled to increase strength.

For leather: These can also be used with leather on larger cord sizes of 6.5mm or larger.  The skinny O-Rings will do well with flat leather.

Other uses: These are also used as stitch markers for Knitting & Crochet and can also be used for Macrame. EPDM O-Rings were developed to form a waterproof seal. They can be used with LED lights to form a waterproof seal between the bulb and hardware. Other applications may include body piercings, tattoo equipment, paint guns, bicycle & Industrial parts, or bottle seals.

Sizing: The ID or Inner Diameter is the size of the hole. Generally, choose an inner diameter slightly smaller than you require. The rubber will stretch to fit over items and form a strong seal or hold items in place.

Made of latex free EPDM rubber