18g 1/4" Jump Rings (SWG)

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Pkg of 50 or Pkg of 300

***Note*** If you see that an item you need is not available, please contact me directly via email: Mary@beadmeastory.com   We can check to see if it's possible to bag it for you upon request.  

Anodized Aluminum Jump Rings do not tarnish.  The finish lasts a long time and will stand up to quite a bit of wear.  Aluminum is a very light weight but strong metal.

***All jump rings come in dye lots.  Order everything that you need for a project at one time as we can not guarantee that the color will be exactly the same if you order more later. 

Inner Diameter: 6.6mm Outer Diameter: 9mm

Thick: 1.2mm (18g SWG, 16g AWG)  Sizing: 1.2mm is 18g SWG or 16g AWG

Aspect Ratio: 5.5