Japanese Rhinestone Cuff Bracelet Kit- Silver & Crystal

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Totally gorgeous!  This project is one of our most popular.  Row after row of stunning rhinestones.  What's not to like?  

Kit includes: Makes 1 bracelet.  Fits up to 8" wrist.  Size chart included

Full color photo & written instructions

Anodized Aluminum Jump Rings 

Montee Rhinestone Beads Glass

Slide Clasp

You supply: 2 pairs of flat, chain, chisel and/or bent nose pliers

Level: Designer Kit—You should already be very comfortable working with jump rings and rhinestones.  Designer kits are larger projects that take a day or more of work to complete.  These designs may also require adaptions for varying jump ring thickness.  This kit can not be returned if you are unable to do the project.  We strongly recommend that you start with some of our Beginner & Experienced Beginner projects to be sure that you will be able to complete a project of this size.