Spiral Chain with Farfalle Beads Necklace Kit

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When using seed beads along with chainmaille, all of the beads will not fit jump rings.  We provide extras to be sure you have enough to complete your project.  This project was presented as a class.  As you are purchasing this as a kit, please understand that you will need to be persistent and it may take several attempts to do the project correctly.

Kit includes: Full color photo & written instructions.  Anodized aluminum jump rings & farfalle beads.  Makes appx 13 inch spiral chain + 15 inch square chain.

You supply: 2 pairs of flat, chain, chisel and/or bent nose pliers

Level: Intermediate—Tutorial is shown with contrasting colored jump rings to make challenging steps more clear.  Jump ring sizes are easy to work with.  I do not recommend this for anyone who has not yet mastered the Spiral 4 in 1 chain.  It is also helpful if you have some experience adding beads to chainmaille.