3mm Rubber O-Rings (ID: 1.1mm) - choose color

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Pkg of 100

Outer Diameter: 3.6mm  Inner Diameter: 1.1mm

Thickness: 1.3mm

Aspect Ratio: .85

Buna & EPDM are both good quality rubber, however, EPDM has the added benefit of UV & pollution protection.  This is not needed in black as the dye used to color rings contains protection for the o-rings. 

For Chainmaille: Works most often as a bead to add color to a design or to protect larger Art Beads. 

For leather: This size fits 1mm and 1.5mm leather.

Other uses: This size is an ideal bead bumper.  Place between beads in a strand to add color and protection.  Use with wire work as a buffer to hold larger glass beads in place. This size is popular for Fingerboard enthusiasts.   EPDM Orings were developed to form a waterproof seal.  They can be used with LED lights to form a waterproof seal between the bulb and hardware.  These have also been used for body piercings that often require a stopper of this sort, tattoo equipment, paint guns, bicycle & Industrial parts.

Sizing: The ID or Inner Diameter is the size of the hole.  Generally, choose an inner diamter slightly smaller than you require.  The rubber will stretch to fit over items and form a strong seal or hold items in place.  

RANDOM MIX- This mix has been updated to include only our newest EPDM orings.  It is random but should contain all of the EPDM colors in the mix.

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